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Welcome to Triangle Cyber’s comprehensive range of cybersecurity and IT services, designed to serve both the commercial and government sectors. Our mission is to safeguard your digital assets and protect your organization from evolving cyber threats. With a focus on proactive security measures, our expert team offers tailored solutions designed to mitigate risks and ensure compliance with industry standards. From managed security services and endpoint detection and response (EDR) to cybersecurity consulting and training, we deliver advanced solutions to meet the diverse needs of businesses and federal agencies alike.

Endpoint Detection & Response

Advanced Endpoint Monitoring (EDR)

In modern day security, using anti-virus solutions isn't enough. Triangle Cyber implements managed endpoint monitoring solutions to continuously track and analyze endpoint activities, enabling proactive threat detection and rapid response to potential security incidents.

IT Engineering and Management Solutions

IT Engineering and Management

Unlock the full potential of your IT infrastructure with Triangle Cyber's expert engineering and management services, including on-premise management, cloud migration & management, network integration & optimization, strategic consulting, and proactive support.

Threat Intelligence

Proactive Threat Intelligence

Leveraging cutting-edge threat intelligence tools and techniques, Triangle Cyber provides proactive threat intelligence services to identify emerging threats and vulnerabilities, allowing organizations to stay ahead of cyber adversaries.

Risk & Vulnerability Management

Risk & Vulnerability Management

Triangle Cyber offers comprehensive risk and vulnerability assessments and management services, helping organizations prioritize and remediate identified risks and vulnerabilities effectively to reduce the likelihood of security breaches.

Incident Response Management PNG

Incident Response Management

With a proactive incident response approach, Triangle Cyber assists organizations in effectively managing and mitigating security incidents, minimizing their impact on operations and reputation.

Managed Cloud Environments

Managed Cloud Environments

Triangle Cyber provides expert management and monitoring of cloud environments, ensuring the security and compliance of your cloud infrastructure while optimizing performance and efficiency.

SAFe Consulting

SAFe® Certification Training

Triangle Cyber offers SAFe® certification training courses led by certified SAFe® practitioners, equipping individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills to implement the Scaled Agile Framework effectively, driving business agility and innovation.

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